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Photopolymer Plates  by Gene Becker                    
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The plate material is UV photosensitive and when exposed to an ultraviolet light through a high contrast negative, the UV cross links the polymers and hardens the image.  The unexposed portion of the negative is washed off in plain water, dried and post exposed.  The plate is ready for the press in less than thirty minutes.

Letterpress:  expose the plate with a negative.  
:  expose the plate with a positive.
Blind embossing
:  uses a matched combination of a negative and positive.

Photopolymer plates are a very interesting medium to work with. They are a 'green' product that does not require any harsh chemicals, plain tap water is used to wash out the plate.  The plates will hold a 150 line screen and you can make a printing plate from a drawing simply by making a negative from it, then exposing the plate.  


We are pleased to announce we are now a supplier of Torelief® photopolymer plates (manufactured by Toray in Japan). Torelief® water wash plates are produced in a wide variety of types and sizes, and to the highest standards.  They are quick and simple to make and easy to use;  offering superior ink transfer with lower ink consumption and long, consistent press runs. We're a greener alternative!

Our Torelief® water-wash plate range gives consistent results, wide latitude, finer resolution, deep reverses, durability and ink transfer.
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