Intaglio / Pad Printing

The DS-43 (.017″-.010″) 65 ° Shore D, MX-100 (.039″ – .029″) 85 ° Shore D, are water washout photopolymer plates and recommended for the following process.

Use a positive film, right reading from the back. Expose approximately 25 seconds with a UV light source. This will give an etch depth of 40 microns (0016″)

Double expose with a 200 or 250 line positive screen, with a
20 micron wall. Exposure for the screen should be approximately
3 seconds.

Exposure times are for trial. Too much exposure will fill in the etch depth. Less exposure will increase the etch depth.

Plate should be post exposed 10 to 15 minutes to give a hard surface to resist doctor blade scratches.

For additional information, call our Technical Information Department at 718-454-0654.

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